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class 10 MATHS EXERCISE 3.6 Q1-QVII/ 2023

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if a:b::c:d is a proportion ,then putting each ratio equal to K

for example: a/b=c/d=k

a/b=k and c/d=k

a=bk  and   c=dk

This method is known as k-method.

Q. If a:b::c:d (a,b,c,d equal not zero),then show that.



use k-mehod

a=bk   and    c=dk

L.H.S                                                       R.H.S

=4a-9b/4a+9b                           ,             =  4c-9b/4c+9d

put the value of  a=bk             ,            put the value of c=dk

=4(bk)-9b/4(bk)+9b                ,             = 4(dk)-9b/4(dk)+9d

take commen b L.h.s          ,             take commen d r.h.s

b (4k-9)/b(4k+9)                      ,               d(4k-9)/d(4k+9)

4k-9/4k+9                                  ,              4k-9/4k+9

hence porved LH.S = R.H.S

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