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Hello!guys  welcom mobile packages I hope you all are fine today I share new article about jazz super 4G /WiFi devices below given all details and codes


Dial *5299# for Home delivery


Dial *5299# from your Jazz number, fill in the required info to purchase Jazz SIM / WiFi Devices and get it delivered at your doorstep.


Customer Home Delivery Prices
Prepaid New Sim Starting from PKR 500/SIM – Max (Depends on Number)
Postpaid New Sim Starting from PKR 500/SIM – Max (Depends on Number)
Security Deposit Starting from PKR 1,200
Pre to Post conversion PKR 500/Conversion
Data SIM PKR 500/SIM
Convert to Jazz PKR 500/MNP
Change of SIM PKR 600/SIM
JazzCash Mobile Wallet Registration PKR 300/Mobile wallet
Jazz Super 4G Mifi Device PKR 7,000/MIFI
Jazz Digit4G Star PKR 5,999
Jazz Digit4G Shine PKR 8,200


WiFi Device or USB Wingle?

All those providers have multiple types of product in this certain lineup – mostly there is a “Wingle” or a “WiFi device”. Both have their pros and cons but most of the features remain similar as the basic function of both is to connect to a mobile data network and provide internet access to locally connected devices. Both of them are portable but a Wingle (USB dongle) is little more compact than the WiFi device. The major difference between the two is, the Wingle always needs a PC or Mac to get powered, whereas the WiFi device comes with a battery and doesn’t need any power source all the time.

Today, here we are bringing you an in-depth review of a Jazz Super 4G WiFi device that I’ve been using for quite a few weeks. You will know what kind of advantages or disadvantages it has over the other similar devices or how better the Jazz 4G internet has been at various locations and regions throughout my commute, residence or work.

The Cost and Prices

Even though the price of the Jazz Super 4G WiFi device and cost of subscriptions were much higher when it was introduced, today at the time of writing, the device costs only PKR 3,000/- In addition to the device, you need a data subscription that currently comes in three bundles of monthly volumes.

  • 15GB for Rs. 999/-
  • 36GB for Rs. 1500/-
  • 75GB for Rs. 2500/-

To relax you down, on the purchase of WiFi device, the carrier provides you a free first month with 36GB data volume worth Rs. 1500/- You can switch bundle after it’s expired according to the balance you have in your account. Most importantly, if your month expires before you consume your bundle, the remaining data will be forwarded, unlike other networks where the data is expired if not used within the paid month.

Setting up Jazz Super 4G WiFi device

It’s just one minute setup process of the device as you just open the device’s back cover with your nail, unlock the SIM tray and install the SIM card into it. Insert the battery and close the back cover. Long press the power button and that’s it. The device will be ready to serve within 20 to 30 seconds.

To connect to this WiFi network, you will find the SSID and the WiFi key on your retail box and/or within the device when you open the back cover.

You can also reset the device if it’s having trouble with connection or if you have forgotten the console’s username/password.

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