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New Updated PTA Tax on Samsung Galaxy A34 (Sep. 2023)

In Pakistan, a considerable number of smartphone users exhibit a preference for branded smartphones such as Apple or Samsung, as opposed to opting for Chinese alternatives. There exists a prevailing belief among individuals that brands serve as symbols of status, indicative of superior quality. There is positive news for those residing in Pakistan who are using the Samsung Galaxy A34. The decreased PTA taxes on Samsung Galaxy A34 have been notified by the Federal Board of Revenue. Here are the details of the recently updated PTA tax on Samsung Galaxy A34.

New Updated PTA Tax on Samsung Galaxy A34

Samsung Model PTA Tax on Passport (PKR) PTA Tax on CNIC (PKR)
Samsung Galaxy A34 9,780 11,781

It is apparent that, despite the decrease, the taxes imposed on outdated and old-model smartphones remain excessively high. Hence, it is recommended that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) refrain from levying taxes on smartphones. Additionally, our PTA Tax Calculator can be utilized for inquiries pertaining to these taxes or for the purpose of ascertaining the PTA tax on alternative smartphone devices.