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Telenor Call Packages 2023 – Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

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Telenor brings unbelievable call packages to its customers. It offers lower call rates with high-quality call services.

  • Data: 250 MBs for Facebook
  • On-net Minutes: Unlimited 2 hours
  • Validity: 2 Hours
  • Price: 6 (Incl. Tax)
  • Subscription Code: *345*20#

2) Telenor Daily Call Packages

Telenor call packages for one day are the best option If you need to talk urgently and for a long period of time for just a few hours on a single day. If you do not opt for any of the daily Telenor packages and you try to call someone on-net or off-net while you do not have a package, you run the risk of losing hundreds of your network balance.

  • Offer Name: Telenor Full Day Offer
  • Data: 50 MBs + 100 MBs WhatsApp
  • On-net Minutes: Unlimited 
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • Price: Rs. 13
  • Subscription Code: *5*250#

3)Telenor Call Packages 3 Days

Here are the specifics of Telenor Call Packages 3 Days, including On-net minutes, SMS, and internet MBs that you will receive. These 3 days Telenor call packages are brand new for 2022, and they also include Telenor call packages and minutes for all networks.

  • Offer Name: 3 Din Sahulat Offer
  • Data: 50 MBs + 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook
  • On-net Minutes: 250 
  • Off-net Minutes: 25
  • SMS: 250
  • Validity: 3 Days
  • Price: Rs. 52
  • Subscription Code:*5*3#

Telenor 3/3 Offer

The Telenor 3/3 offer provides 600 on-net minutes, 300 SMS, and 50 MBs of the internet at PKR 50 for 3 days. Dial *345*243# to subscribe to this offer.

  • Offer Name: Telenor 3/3 offer
  • Data: 50 MBs
  • On-net Minutes: 600 
  • SMS: 300 
  • Validity: 3 Days
  • Price: Rs. 50
  • Subscription Code: *345*243#
Telenor Free First Call Offer

The first call you make with Telenor each day is completely free. This means that once you have activated this offer for the very first time, your first call made between 12 AM and 12 PM on each day of the following week will be completely free.

  • On-net Minutes: Unlimited
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Price: Rs. 5
  • Subscription Code: *888#

Haftawaar Chappar Phaar Offer

For PKR 90 for a week, the Haftawar Chappar Phaar Offer gives you unlimited on-net minutes, 70 MB of the internet for all usage, and 350 MB of data for the social pack. Simply enter *5*700# into your phone’s keypad to sign up.

  • Data: 70 MB + 350 MB social pack
  • On-net Minutes: Unlimited 
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Price: 95 incl tax
  • Subscription Code:  *5*700#

Sahulat Mini Offer

Sahulat Mini costs PKR 75 for 7 days and includes 200 on-net minutes, 20 off-net minutes, 100 MB of internet for general use, and 200 MB for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Simply dial *170# to subscribe.

  • Data: 100 MB + 200 MB for WhatsApp, FB & Twitter
  • On-net Minutes: 200
  • Off-net Minutes: 20
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Price: Rs. 75
  • Subscription Code: *170#

Weekly Easy Card Plus

For PKR 175, you can get a 7-day subscription to the Weekly Easy Card Plus, which includes 1,500 in-net minutes, 60 out-of-network minutes, 1,500 text messages, and 3 GB of data. To subscribe, just dial *175#.

  • Data: 3 GB
  • On-net Minutes: 1500
  • Off-net Minutes: 60
  • SMS: 1500
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Price: Rs. 180 incl tax
  • Subscription Code: *175#

Weekly Easy Card:

For PKR 135, you can get a 7-day subscription to the Weekly Easy Card, which includes 1,000 in-net minutes, fifty out-of-network minutes, one thousand short messages, and one and a half gigabytes of data.

  • Data: 1.5 GB
  • On-net Minutes: 1000 
  • Off-net Minutes: 50
  • SMS: 1000 
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Price: Rs. 135
  • Subscription Code: *963#

Mega Weekly Easy Card

To sign up, just dial *963#. For PKR 222, you can get a 7-day Mega Weekly Easy Card with 2000 minutes on Telenor+PTCL networks, 70 minutes outside those networks, 10GB of data (including 5GB from 1 AM to 11 AM), and 2000 SMS. If you want to subscribe, dial *001#.

  • Data: 10GB internet (Incl. 5GB 1AM – 11AM)
  • On-net Minutes: 2000 
  • Off-net Minutes: 70
  • SMS: 2000 
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • Price: Rs. 233
  • Subscription Code: *001#

5) Telenor Monthly Call Packages

You can enjoy ease throughout the entire month with monthly prepaid call packages. In addition to a variety of other incentives, Telenor provides a selection of monthly call packages.

Telenor Easy Card 450

At a cost of PKR 450 for a period of 30 days, the Monthly Easy Card 450 includes 500 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, 1 GB of internet for all usage plus 2 GB for WhatsApp, and 500 SMS messages. To take advantage of this offer, just dial *350#.

  • Data: 3000MBs 
  • On-net Minutes: 500 
  • PTCL Off-net Minutes: 50
  • SMS: 500
  • Validity: 1 Month 
  • Price: Rs. 410 incl tax
  • Subscription Code: *350#

Monthly Easy Card 600

The Monthly Easy Card 600 costs PKR 530 for a period of 30 days and includes 3000 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 6 GB of data + 6 GB of data from 1 am to 11 am, and 3000 SMS messages. For subscription, dial *530#.

  • Data: 3000MBs 
  • On-net Minutes: 3000 
  • Off-net Minutes: 150
  • SMS: 3000 
  • Validity: 1 Month 
  • Price: Rs. 540
  • Subscription Code: *530#

Monthly Easy Card 800

The Monthly Easy Card 800 costs PKR 715 for a period of 30 days and includes 5000 on-net minutes, 300 off-net minutes, 9 GB + 9 GB (1 am – 11 am), and 5000 SMS messages. To sign up for this deal, dial *80# on your telephone keypad.

  • Data: 9GB+9GB(1am-11am)
  • On-net Minutes: 5000 
  • Off-net Minutes: 300 
  • SMS: 5000 
  • Validity: 1 Month 
  • Price: Rs. 720 incl tax
  • Subscription Code: *80#

Telenor Call Packages For Postpaid Features

There is a variety of postpaid call packages available from Telenor, each of which will be discussed in turn. The call package Telenor provides users with 100 free minutes to use on any network of their choosing for a cost of PKR 100 for a period of 30 days. To subscribe to this offer, dial *345*821# on your telephone keypad.

The Telenor call package monthly code costs PKR 250 for 30 days and includes free 250 minutes on any network you choose to use. To sign up for this offer, dial *345*822# on your telephone keypad. Moving on now towards the Smart Bundles that Telenor has to offer.

At a cost of PKR 2150 for a period of 30 days, the monthly call package Telenor offers users 1800 free minutes on any network, 1500 SMS messages, and 2000 MB of data. Through the “My Telenor” app, you will be able to sign up for the promotion.

The Telenor call package monthly costs PKR 1,450 a month and includes 1,200 free minutes that can be used on any network, 1,000 free text messages, and 1,500 MB of data.

The Telenor call Packages monthly unlimited includes 700 free minutes that can be used on any network, 100 free text messages, and 1000 MBs of internet space for a month at a cost of PKR 850. You can take advantage of this offer by downloading the “My Telenor” app.

How can I get the Telenor call package?

To subscribe to this offer, dial *345*7#; the offer is only valid for the next 24 hours. The Telenor Full Day Offer costs PKR 13 for a single day and includes unlimited on-net calls, 50 MB of the internet for all internet usage, and 100 MB of internet specifically for WhatsApp. For subscription, dial *5*250#.

How can I get free Telenor Mint?

When you recharge your phone for at least 100 rupees, you will receive 20 bonus minutes that can be used on any network. Simply enter *5*100# prior to making any recharge of Rs100 or more.

How can I get 100 free minutes on Telenor?

  • to subscribe: dial:*050#
  • Everyone who subscribes to Telenor is eligible for this promotion.
  • The subscription can only be used for one day at a time. On the day that they subscribe, customers are eligible
    • to make free calls until midnight.

    How can I activate Telenor 3 days call?

    • Data: 50 MBs + 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook
    • On-net Minutes: 250 
    • Off-net Minutes: 25
    • SMS: 250
    • Validity: 3 Days
    • Price: Rs. 52
    • Subscription Code:*5*3#


    In contrast to the offerings of other networks, Telenor provides appealing call packages. Because the vast majority of people prefer making calls from a package rather than using up their cell balance, Telenor offers a wide variety of packages that are both practical and convenient for its customers.

    You have the option of purchasing validity packs with a duration of one day, one week, or one month for a priceranging from 5.5 to 600 rupees. All of the offers are for free on-net minutes, and additional bonuses include free SMS, free off-net minutes, and free internet data. The Telenor Easy Card and Sahulat packages both include all of the components previously mentioned.

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