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Warid Daily, Weekly, Monthly SMS Packages for Prepaid & Postpaid Customers

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warid SMS daily ,weekly,monthly packages postpaid packages

I, friens i hope you all are fine today i share article warid SmS .warid copany give best SMS offer for customers. Warid Telecom Offers different plans by keeping in mind the customers need. Warid always brings different SMS packages at different price. In this article i will tell you about Warid Daily, Weekly, Monthly SMS Packages for Prepaid & Postpaid Customers. Now choose the package of you own choice.

Warid Daily, Weekly, Monthly SMS Packages for Prepaid & Postpaid Customers

Warid Prepaid Daily SMS Packages

Here are five daily SMS packages along with other incentives. However, Prepaid Customers can choose the package of their need.

Warid Daily SMS packages

Package Price Activation Code Detail
Daily SMS Rs 3.5+tax SMS “DS” to 3333 500 SMS to all networks
Glow Daily Bundle 1 Rs 1.5+ tax *777*500# 500 SMS to all networks
Glow Daily Bundle 2 Rs 2.99+ tax *777*400# 400 SMS to all networks
Power Pack Rs 4.99+tax SMS P to 7777 5 on-net mints+100 SMS+5 MBs
Daily Bundle Rs. 30+tax  Dial *99*11# 200 on-net+10 off-net minutes+300 SMS+30 MBs


Prepaid Weekly SMS Packages

Warid offers four different weekly packages. Both these packages are for prepaid customers only.

Warid Weekly SMS packages

Package Price Activation Code Detail
Glow Weekly SMS Rs 7.99+ tax *777*1000# 1000 SMS to all networks
Glow Weekly SMS Rs 9.99+ tax SMS “WS” to 3333 1000 SMS to all networks
7 Day Offer Rs 110 Dial *99*7# 700 on-net mints+70 off-net minutes+700 SMS+700 MBs
Poora Hafta Offer Rs.80 SMS WO to 3333 100 on-net mints(mon-sat)+250 on-net minutes(sunday)+1000 SMS+250 MBs

Prepaid Monthly SMS Packages:

Moreover, other than  daily, weekly and monthly SMS packages, Warid also offers 3 day packages to facilitate its customers more.

Other SMS Packages

Package Price Activation Code Detail
3 Day Bundle Rs 70+tax Dial *99*1# 300 on-net mints+30 off-net minutes+500 SMS+500 MBs
3 Day SMS Rs 5 *32*30# 500 SMS+50 MBs

Warid Postpaid SMS Packages

Here is the detail of Warid new postpaid plans. customers can choose the package of their desire. Moreover, prepaid customers can also convert their number to postpaid.

Warid Postpaid SMS Packages

Package Price Activation Code Detail
Monthly Super Hybrid Rs. 200 Dial *99*1# 1000 on-net mints+1000 SMS+1000 MBs
Monthly Unlimited Hybrid Rs. 400 Dial *99*2# 2500 on-net mints+2500 SMS+2500 MBs
Super Monthly Bundle Rs. 500 Dial *727# 1000 on-net mints+250 off-net minutes+1000 SMS+1000 MBs
Unlimited Monthly Bundle Rs. 1000 Dial *727# 2500 on-net mints+500 off-net minutes+2500 SMS+2500 MBs


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