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ZONG 786 OFFER unsubscribe code/ Zong Islamic portal

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ZONG 786 OFFER unsubscribe code /zong Islamics portal

ZONG 786 OFFER   is an Islamic app and SMS service .zong Islamic 789 offer provide its user’s information related to Islam. Subscribers can get the latest updates by activating this offer through an app and SMS on their mobiles. The main problem is that users activate this offer once and their balance is cut down on a daily basis from the Sim. In this article,you will known about the 789 offer and how to unsubscribe Zong 789 offer. You also know how to unsubscribe zong Islamic portal.


Get all the information about Islam such as Namaz,QURAN,DUAIN ,AHADEES,NAATS,AYAAT AND SEHAR O IFTAAR ALERTS. If you want to activated this service then follow the steps.

To activated this offer go to message type in your mobile and type sub and send it to the 7867. You can also activate this offer through my Zong app.

There are 2 subscription plans one is daily that charges 2.38 Rs and the other is monthly that’s the price is 25 Rs.


so here come the main question. How you can u sub form this offer ?

If you have mistakenly subscribe or do not want to use this service in future so follow these simple steps.

  • There are 2 methods of the u sub
  • Firstly go to the my zong app and you will find this offer in subscribed packages then click on unsubscribe your packages will are deactivate form you Sim.
  • The other method is to go to the message type.
  • Open new message type un sub and send it to 7867.
  • You will receive a confirmation message of deactivate.


I hope you will like this article Zong 786 offer unsubscribe.if you have any questions regarding this article feel free to ask. Share this article with your friends by using share icons thanks.

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